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July, 2004: My Mother in a Reflective Moment, Remembering My Father

My Mother, Ursula, disucsses my late father's State Department work, specifically translation work he did during the Nuremburg trials after World War II. This video was recorded as we sat in a restaurant in Moscow not far from Red Square. This was my Mother's first trip back to Russia since meeting my father there 50 years earlier.


April, 2006: In Memory of the Late Spike (1986-2006)

For the record, I am not a "cat" person, cuz I would rather have a dog...but the lifestyle never seems to permit such a commitment. I like cats...I generally like animals. This cat is the closest thing to a long term, committed relationship that I have been able to pull off. He was a constant companion for 20 years, and would not suffer indifference from humans for a single day of his life. So he made his mark...and is missed.