23 Jan. 2008 - Devil in the Snow

A rare (but decreasingly so, it seems) snowfall on Mount Diablo provides inspiration to bundle up the nephews in snow-proof gear and trundle up the windy road in search of slushy goodness. Their snow gear has the effect of casting the three of them, seemingly, as one amorphous and unstoppable pack-thing which will take the mountain by storm. Brother-in-arms Diablo is up to the challenge, though, and does not disappoint.

Above and left, Mark does his best Josh Beckett wind up, undaunted by his hat gone askew, and fires point blank on his beloved brother Jack.


Below, Kilian and Mark negotiate the treacheries of the slippery road leading to the summit. Metaphor anyone?

Jimmy, above, manages a few good runs with the saucer on the sparsely covered slope. Jack is not so fortunate, and bonks his head on a rock (no serious harm done though).


18 Jan. 2008 - Fast Times at Walnut Acres

Nephews Jack and Jimmy went wheel to wheel with the Bay Area's future gearheads Friday night at Cub Scout troop 210 Pinewood Derby event. Both Morrissey brothers fared well, with Jack turning in a blistering 182 (scale) mph on one heat with his ingenious Batman-inspired design. Jimmy's sleek blue racer turned in a first place finish in one of his heats. Overall, a great performance and a good time had by all.

Above, Jack's car whizzes over the finish line, much to the obvious chagrin of the snake-looking black car, bearing an oddly sullen expression.


At left, Jimmy blows the doors off the competition. Eat my dust!


Dooley Family Reunion - January, 2009

Pat Garvey (Ursula Dooley's youngest son) visited with Phillip Hill in Australia, in October of 2007. Pat and Phil resolved to facilitate another reunion. Upon returning to the U.S, Pat conferred with Ursula et. al., and the consensus on this side of the waves is that January of 2009 would be the most opportune time for the event. My next step is to check back with the Oz contingent to see how that timing would work. So...if you are amongst the Dooley diaspora and you are reading this there are two things you can do. First, tell every Dooley clan member you know. And second, you can send contact info (preferably emails) to me (websiteinquiries@patgarvey.com ).

I will begin the process of collecting emails and we can use this website to post information about the event as we begin the planning process.