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10 Jan. 2008 - The Legend of Ordinary Joe

Joe the Legend

As we head into prime time in the NFL playoffs, I get pumped up. It's been an interesting year, what with the Patriots undefeated season and all. And this weekend is for me the peak: 4 games, all good teams and good matchups. It's downhill from here, IMO. And speaking of downhill, at this moment the horrible state of Bay Area football is bared in stark relief to the excellence that abounds. So I look back, fondly, to that golden time...not so long ago

Joe’s been retired a while, but I am a Bay Area boy, so if I’m going to rave, I gotta give Joe his props. Joe was not a boyhood idol – though he no doubt would have been if I were 20 years younger. Kenny Stabler gets that distinction, chiefly because I was actually a boy back when Kenny was throwin’ darts. But Joe, he was the best football player I have ever watched. Not the most physically gifted, just the best. That is not to say he wasn’t a great athlete (he was), just that he was/is living proof that greatness in sports is about the poetic union of mind and body. Physical size, strength, and speed are important, but they are like the palette to the artist. The field is the canvas. And the mind is the brush. That dude was a master…

4 Jan. 2008 - What I'm Pedaling These Days

Sometimes you find what you are looking for. After two-plus decades of an "athletic" lifestyle, which included basketball and beach volleyball, mostly, at an average clip of two-three times a week, something started to go wrong. Turns out I had mortgaged my bio-mechanical future, and my body started calling in the markers. So with chronically sore knees I went in search of a new sport, emphasizing "low impact"...oh, the horror.

Well...happy ending. I tried mountain biking and now I think I am hooked. Wow, does it beat the hell out of sitting on those God-awful cardio machines. It has everything I like: it's a great work out, it presents a long, interesting learning curve, and there's a crap-load of really cool gear that you can buy regardless of whether you need or it does any good. Nirvana!

The video is of course beyond anything I will will ever even contemplated doing myself. But I am a fan, too. And it's interesting artistically as well.